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Resort Satyam Shirdi

Neelkanteshwar Temple (Anciet)

Neelkanth Mahadev Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Nilkanth, an aspect of Shiva. The temple is situated at a height of 1330 meters and is located about 12 kms from Panshet Valley Resort.

Sinhagad fort

Sinhagad (also known as Sinhgad) is a hill fortress located at around 22 kms from Panshet valley Resort.

Resort Satyam Shirdi
Resort Satyam Shirdi


Lavasa is a one of the best hill station near Pune which is just 36 kms from Panshet Valley Resort. The Lavasa city is stylistically based on the Italian town Portofino.


The Torna fort or the Prachandagad, situated in the southwest of the Pune district of the western part of the Maharashtra state, is a the major tourist attraction of Maharashtra tourism. It is located around 32 kms from Panshet valley Resort. This was the first fort to be captured by the Shivaji Maharaj in the year 1643, when he was just 16 years old and this formed the nucleus of Maratha Empire.

Resort Satyam Shirdi
Resort Satyam Shirdi

Varasgaon Boating Club

Varasgaon is a dam on the Mose river which supplies water to city of Pune, Maharashtra, India. It is situated on Mose river. It is also called Veer Baaji Pasalkar Dam. It is one of the three major dams which provide water to Pune city. It is located around 17 kms from Panshet valley Resort. The Panshet dam is adjacent to Varasgaon dam, and together both have become a popular picnic spots.
During the monsoon or just after monsoon the hills around are lush green with plenty of waterfall. Water sports are also played in this dam.


Rajgad is formerly known as Murumdev, the fort was the capital of the Maratha Empire under the rule of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj for almost 26 years. Treasures discovered from an adjacent fort Torna were used to completely build and fortify the Rajgad Fort.
It is located around 38 kms from Panshet valley Resort. The fort lies 1,376 m (4,514 ft) above the sea level. The diameter of the base of the fort was about 40 km (25 mi) which made it difficult to lay siege on it.

Resort Satyam Shirdi